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Basic Lacrosse Drills to work on at home/park:

1. Wall Ball – this allows the player to work on two of the most important fundamentals of lacrosse passing and catching. Wall Ball just doesn’t have to be your standard over-hand shot, once the player has master the catching and throwing of the over- hand then he or she can advance their skills. This may include switching to your weak hand, practicing one-handers left and right off the wall and those who become real confident can go as far as behind the backs.

2. Cradling – this is probably the most important skill in lacrosse and can be practiced anywhere. Being a talented cradler is so important in the game of lacrosse because it allows you to control the ball while protecting it from defenders. This skill can be practiced right in your house, all you need is your stick, a ball and room that has mirror.

3. Shooting – this skill may be difficult to practice in your own home but if you have access to a net you can practice your shooting in your backyard or at your local park. Being able to be a good shooter just adds another element to your game that will making you a defenders worst nightmare.

4. Additional Conditioning – it is very important for lacrosse players to be in the best possibly shape he or she can be in. This means a little extra dedication outside your floor time. When conditioning players should take into consideration doing drills where they have the stick in their hands. For example, foot speed drills, box jumping drills or even just going for a jog.

5. Watching Film – It is very important for young lacrosse players to take the time and watch players at professional level, college level or junior level play the game. This will allow you to see how the game should be played at an advanced level. A few tips when watching film do not just pay attention to the highlight reel goals but actually watch what the players do on offensive and defense.

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